Brisbane Car AC Hydrogen Leak Testing

Using the best leak testing technology gas-hydrogen. The lightest and least viscous of all gases, hydrogen spreads quickly throughout the test object. It readily penetrates the smallest leak and Hydrogen is environmentally friendly in the right concentration, hydrogen can be safely used for leak testing. A suitable mixture for leak testing is 5 percent hydrogen and 95 percent dry nitrogen.

Every car air conditioning system is pressurized with this trace gas and a hydrogen detector is used to search for leaks. Equipped with hydrogen leak detectors with microelectronic sensors that have a high sensitivity and selectivity to hydrogen

Using a hydrogen mixture tracer gas provides at least a 1000x increase in sensitivity. Even small fluctuations can change the measurable leak rate by orders of magnitude. These will also affect the expansion behavior of the material being tested, which can, in turn, influence the size of a leak.

Hydrogen vs. Bubble Testing

Bubble testing is the accepted low-cost method of finding leaks. Using soap and water solutions, bubbles are formed at the leak location. An alternate method is to submerge the test article in water and look for bubbles. Using a hydrogen mixture tracer gas provides at least a 1000x increase in sensitivity.

Leaks that do not produce a bubble can be detected with either the TLD.500 or TLD.1000 Hydrogen Leak Detectors.

Loktrace Gas

LOKTRACE gas, which is a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen, is filled into the air-conditioning system for leak detection. LOKTRACE gas is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and doesn’t harm the environment.

The hydrogen is used as the trace gas. Hydrogen molecules are the smallest naturally occurring particles and will escape from minimum leaks due to its low viscosity and high propagation speed the gas reaches the leak and will escape even through small holes within pipes, condensercompressor, & evaporators buried behind the dash.

LOKTRACE is the first method that meets all the requirements on a leak detection system and transforms the leak detection “guessing game” into a process that guarantees results.

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